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Welcome to Department of Computer Science, where students undertake studies that offer a well-rounded education in the science & technology. It is an intensive, hands approach to computing that can be applied to almost every facet of life.


Department of Computer Science was established in 2010 with two programmes.


Computer science is the study of computers and computing as well as their theoretical and Practical Applications.


Computer science applies the Principles of Mathematics, Engineering, and Logic to a plethora of functions, including Algorithm formulation, Software and Hardware Development, and Artificial Intelligence.


Computer Science is the most exciting, gratifying, and promising field we can pursue, that’s why, we believe our Computer Science program should not only educate but also inspire you with the joy of computing. Each strikes a balance between conducting world-class teaching, excelling in education, and training students to become leaders in their field.


Best Practices of the Computer Science Department Innovative Curriculum

An innovative curriculum which is carefully designed is a mix of Core Courses and Elective Courses. The core courses impart a rigorous foundation so that every student is technically competent while the varied choice of electives allows individuality for students to keep abreast of the latest technological innovations and specialize in their areas of interest. Practical component is included in each and every Course.


Industry relevant Certificate Courses

The Department has designed and introduced Industry relevant certificate courses that help the students in acquiring skills that enhance employability.


Innovative Teaching Learning Methods

The Department Practices Innovative Teaching Methods like Demonstration using Physical Models, Animations and Presentations, Case studies, Video Lectures and Webinars through ICT Enabled Class Rooms and Labs for effective teaching learn process.


Experiential learning

To foster Experiential Learning Field Visits to DRDO, ISRO and Workshops on Latest technologies are organized by the department. Peer-to-Peer learning is encouraged among students.


Train the Trainer Programmes

The Department organizes FDP for all Teaching Staff on Usage of ICT Tools. The department Conducts workshops and Training programs on latest Concepts introduced in the Curriculum.


Department Library

Departmental Library with Text Books, Reference Books, EBooks, Videos, etc is established where faculty and economically backward students can use the books for Academics and research.



The students in the VI Semester are provided with the opportunity to work on a project in the field of Computer Science. Apart from gaining skills through Practical's, Projects give them an opportunity to acquire skills required for Software development.