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The college has a well-established library which caters to the need of the undergraduate, post graduate students and the faculty. The library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and the students. The library remains open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on all working days.

The college library has a collection of about 2000 books. It subscribes to about 10 international journals in various disciplines of science and humanities. Services such as lending of books and journals, reading room and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library.

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab is well equipped with latest computers to cater the needs of the students. It is having well over 60 Computers. The Lab is networked to share the resources. The Computer Lab is connected to INTERNET through a 10 Mbps dedicated line under NMEICT project, with the languages installed such as Turbo C, Turbo C++ and Java.The lab also consists following packagesDatabase Packages: Oracle, MS-Access and SQL, Management Packages: MS-Excel and MS-Word, Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, and JAVA SCRIPT & VB SCRIPT, Front End Tools:Visual Basic, C, Accounting Packages: Tally.


The college operates transport services to the faculty and students from different places in in and around Kuppam.


The college provides excellent sporting and gaming fields to students. Several of the students from KDC played at National, Ranji, State and University levels.

Botany Laboratory

The Botany Laboratory is quite a well-equipped laboratory under the SV university. Basic and advanced facilities, available/acquired over the years are: a Plant museum, Laboratory with dissecting facilities, Centrifuge, Microscope both Compound and Simple, Camera lucida,Occular micro-meter, Stage micrometer, Overhead projector, Incubator, Microtome for tissue section, Colorimeter, Digital photo-electric Colorimeter, Centrifuge, Pointer eye piece, Analytical balance, Single pan balance, Digital pan balance, Refrigerator, etc. Recently they have innovatively set up a virtual herbarium with the meticulously preserved species (properly tagged and identified) from their collection.

Zoology Laboratory

The Zoology Laboratory is one of the best and well equipped laboratories under the SV university. Basic and advanced facilities, available/acquired over the years are: Animal Museum, Laboratory with dissecting facilities, Microscope both Compound and Simple Micro – Microscope, Camera lucida, Oculometer, Stage micrometer , Overhead projector, Slide projector, Epidiascope, Camera for field study, Incubator for tissue processing, Microtome for tissue section, Colorimeter ,pH meter, Digital photo-electric Colorimeter, High speed centrifuge. Tissue homogenizer, Gel Electrophoresis apparatus, Pointer eye piece, Micro-microscope, Projection microscope, Calorimeter, Stage micrometer, Field binocular etc….

Physics Laboratory

Well-equipped laboratory with basic and advanced facilities, acquired over the years. The laboratory boasts of instruments like A.C Millivoltameter, Polarimeter, Moment of Interia set, Newton Ring Set, Null Detector for Anderson Bridge, Spectrometer with extra-rotation of prism table, Digital Instructor Box, Bi Prism with eye piece, Spectometer, Anderson set, Transformer 9-0-9/1 AMP , Transformer 9-0-9/1 AMP, Variable Power Supply, Function Generator 1M HZ Model etc.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory is one of the best and well equipped laboratories under the SV university. Basic and advanced facilities are acquired over the years. Important and exclusive Instruments available are: Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter with 8 filters, LPG Gs pipe line, Colorimeter, Conductivity meter, Hot Plate Melting Point Bath, Micro oven, Polarimeter, Potentiometer, Vacuum Pump, PH Meter, Hot air-oven etc.