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Employability Skills

For many people today, a career for life is no longer an option. Most people will hold jobs within a variety of employers and move across different employment sectors through their working life.

For this, we need to understand that we all have a set of transferable skills or employability skills. These skills that are not specific to one particular path but are useful across all sectors of employment.

Employability skills are the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable one to thrive in any workplace.

These are also called 'enterprise skills', 'communication skills' or 'workplace skills'.

Employability skills include things like:

  • Good Communication
  • Motivation and Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Reliability/Dependability
  • Following Instructions
  • Team Work
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional Control
  • Resilience

One can build employability skills through participation in:

  • Paid Work
  • Unpaid Work and Volunteering
  • Sport and Other Hobbies
  • Community or Other Group Activities.