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The Department of Management studies was establishment in the year 2010 as a Centre for excellence in preparing the students to be corporate ready leaders with corporate values and ethics.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 6-semester regular program spread over 3 academic years. The course structure is designed to impart knowledge of the core management concepts and techniques to the budding managers.

Bachelor of Business Administration is completely a professional course with a vast array of subjects that makes the students knowledgeable professionals and gives them many options for pursuing a career.

Bachelor of Business Administration is not only just about education but about development of Personality, Leadership, Public speaking that moulds students as a wholesome person.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management course provides basic knowledge about the various fundamentals of business management. The following are the key points we get to see in the course:

  • The students get to know about various tools that are involved in management studies. The students are trained and polished so that they have fluent communication skills.
  • This program incorporates managing skills in the students, so that they can become capable of running a successful business in future.
  • This course provides the base or foundation of business skills.
  • Students get to study subjects such as Understanding of Marketing Management, Taxes, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, tools of Financial Management, and much more, enabling them to specialize in a particular field of their choice in future.
  • The aim of this program is to equip students to develop interpersonal skills, managing skills, Entrepreneurship skills in the course duration.
  • Various seminars, internships, projects are included in the course in order to give the students a comprehensive outlook and to prepare them for the industry.
  • Entrepreneurship skills are also imparted in the students during this course.

There are many benefits of pursuing a BBA degree in Management. Some of them are:

  • Students gain an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of management, interpersonal skills and analytical skills that are needed to work in a number of enterprises.
  • This course provides strong foundation in Business Management, Entrepreneur Skills.
  • On completion of this course, students are usually placed in Marketing Organizations, Banks, Export Companies and various private and government companies.
  • A large number of employment opportunities are available in this field.
  • It will further open new doors to thriving career opportunities.
  • They gain a high level of communication skills and interpersonal skills which are important to excel in this field of work. are important to excel in this field of work.

What After Bachelor of Business Administration?

After completing Bachelor of Business Administration, candidates can join sectors like Finance, Sales, Marketing, Education and Govt jobs. Most of the candidates opt for higher education, Masters of Business Administration after completion of their Bachelor of Business Administration. Master in Business Administration is a post-graduation course. It helps candidates in getting respectable management positions in various private sectors.

The time duration of Masters of Business Administration is 2 years. A student can pursue Masters of Business Administration, various specialisations like marketing, finance, HR and international business, which can be chosen as per their interest.